Like No One’s Watching

Last July, I found myself on top of a hill in the beautiful coast of Uluwatu, Bali overlooking the waves dance while the sun was setting on Pura Luhur (Hindu Temple).

A young couple was taking wedding shots on top of the hill with the help of their animated wedding coordinator, barking orders on what to do, where to do it and how to do it. At one point during that sunset, the couple probably found the perfect shot that would make their wedding album cover and Mr. Coordinator was ecstatic that he just let his happy feet dance the moment away.

Dance like no one's watching.
Dance like no one’s watching.

This unguarded moment took me back to an ordinary day I experienced about a year and a half ago. I entered a new restaurant near my office, and saw – beautifully written across the main dining hall – simple phrases that stuck with me.

Sing like no one’s listening. 

Dance like no one’s watching. 

Love like you’ve never been hurt before. 

They caught my eye then because of their magic. Today, they stick to me because of their truth. Mr. Dancing Feet was a reminder of these truths: sing your heart out, dance the sunset away and love freely.

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