Where it began.

The photography craze started in January 2014 during a family trip to Hong Kong.

Love Marks

Hong Kong is a special place we go back to as much as we can. In 1994, Mom and our stepdad, Mike, got hitched in HK and we walked from our hotel to Cotton Tree Road. And man was that the longest and coolest wedding march ever. My sister and I were quite young back then and being in Hong Kong was magical. We roamed the gardens and felt like princesses in our flower girl dresses, and explored the beautiful terrain of the Peak Cafe where the reception was held.

Since then, we would visit Hong Kong once in awhile to relive the wedding, enjoy the memories of the Peak, bask in the bustlin’ city (and shopping) life and indulge in the seemingly secretive world of Foreign Correspondents Club. I also visited Hong Kong with friends of mine in 2006 when we attended the Man Hong Kong LIterary Festival where we met the great writers like Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney and hiked up the giant Buddha in Lantau island.

Yes, you can say Hong Kong, with its busy streets and culinary awesomeness, is always a comfort and delight to go back to. This time around though, we were going back without Dad.

St Pauls
Saints and gates.

When Dad passed away in 2013, I was in Boston and could not make it back home. I went through the wake and the funeral from thousands of miles away but feeling close to everything thanks to technology (thank you Google Hangouts!). After the funeral, my mom and siblings (Cara and Niccolo) decided to escape to Hong Kong for a few days of peace and quiet. They were able to go through the lonely and painful itinerary not having Dad around, but at least they were in a place with such happy and adventurous memories.

When we traveled in 2014, it was my first trip without Dad and it wasn’t easy.

The strongest woman I know.
My Mom – the strongest woman I know.

So instead of crying in every stop of the itinerary, I turned to the camera to take snapshots of what Hong Kong looked like to me at that moment— both a City of Memories and a City so devoid of Dad. My saving grace? New places, new adventures and new culinary experiences with the family. I dove into taking photo upon photo and enjoying all the little stories I would already write in my head as I saw the shot from the viewfinder.

Street light and egg tarts.
Street light and egg tarts.

And then it hit me. What helped me process my grief was this creative exercise. I was allowing myself to feel through the photos that I would take, and the stories that I would find in each shot made me feel alive and inspired. That’s when I decided to compile all the photos and start this little project of finding various stories behind the viewfinder and telling them in black and white.

That is where it began.

6 thoughts on “Where it began.

  1. Dear Bea

    Telling your story through the camera’s lens is a very Lim thing.

    You are following in the foot steps of Lolo Ting who was never without his camera. And now your Ninang Vicky.
    Pictures capture moments that will never come back, but you can return to them again and again with pictures. Going over
    these photos evoke the same emotions of happiness, excitement, passion, sadness and nostalgia.

    How wonderful that you have chosen to tell your story through pictures. But dont forget that you are also a good writer, so you
    shouldn’t neglect your writing too.

    Thank you for sharing this link, Bea !


    Tita Susie


  2. That’s beautiful….brought a tear to my eye. I can completely relate to what you’ve said about something creative helping you deal with a difficult time. I find that my writing does that for me. And I agree with the person above that you write very well. So keep clicking, writing and blogging. 🙂


  3. Dear Bea,
    Happy to meet with you in Philipines in El Nido, there are great people in the word that help you to make your days greater, you are one of them! I loved your art and blog, keep the great work going 😘💝


    1. Hi Esra! So nice to hear from you – had a ton of fun meeting you in El Nido! And thank you for the love and support! ❤

      Cheers to more adventures and stories to share. Hope to see you guys soon 🙂


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